Insert a video into Google Docs or Slides

You can insert a video from a variety of sources, but most of us will need to create and upload our own videos and insert them into an assignment. This quick video covers how to do insert a video and how to make sure the teacher can watch the video. I also show some advanced formatting options for high school kids.

Watch the video for all the tricks or follow the steps below.

  1. Drag the video into the child's Google Drive.

  2. Right click and change the share settings.

  3. If you're inserting in a Google Doc, copy the link.

  4. Back in your document, insert the video.

  5. Google Slides: Insert > Video and browse to recent. It automatically shows you only supported file types.

  6. Google Docs: Insert > Link and paste share link.

5. Re-size the video box if needed.

6. Right-click and change any settings.

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