Ideal setup for online school

I was talking with a friend today about her son's setup for online school because he had just switched from in-person to online and I realized I had a bunch of lessons learned from our experiences this fall.

  1. Get a decent laptop or desktop computer or newer Chromebook (knowing that Chromebooks do have some limitations). Struggling with a computer is the last thing you need when trying desperately to connect. This should be a little easier in Ontario with the next payment to parents: children aged 12 and younger will be able to receive a one-time payment of $200 per child, and $250 for a child 21 or younger with special needs. Applications open Nov 23. No link available yet.

  2. Check your internet speed when everyone is connected and go wired if you need to, or increase your upload/download with your ISP. is a great resource. The further you are from your router, the slower the speed will be. If you're dropping from the Meet and your computer is working well, this could be the reason.

  3. Get some peripherals to make your child's experience more comfortable:

  4. Get the correct height/depth chair or add pillows behind/underneath the child. You'll save a world of pain this way.

  5. Add a wired/wireless mouse and keyboard and use the laptop screen simply as a monitor. Put the laptop on some books to raise the sightline to eye level.

  6. Add a secondary monitor so they can watch the teacher and work on assignments at the same time. The younger classes often fill things out collaboratively and it's infinitely easier if they can put the Meet on one screen and the assignment on the other.

4. Get the Chrome Extensions that make life easier, especially Push To Talk.

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