Holiday Fundraising

As we head into the thick of the holiday season, many Ottawa families are struggling to keep food on the table.

Usually, our brick-and-mortar schools do lots of fundraising, including adopting a family for Christmas and creating food bins to help people feed their families over the holidays.

This year, many OCV school councils are still getting organized and haven't run any community fundraising efforts. So if you haven't donated anywhere yet and you have the means to do so, there's no time like the present.

FAMSAC's Christmas Hampers lets you adopt a family over this season. It's quick and easy to donate online and they NEED OUR HELP. FAMSAC provides emergency food assistance to Bayshore, Bells Corners, Craig Henry, Crystal Beach, Manordale, Trend -Arlington (West Ott.).

Alternatively, find your local foodbank and support them financially this season: All foodbanks in the Ottawa region.

Reminder: Donations to food banks and other registered charities are tax deductible up to 33% on your tax return.

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