Connect to Google Classroom

Prerequisite: You need your child’s log in credentials to their email address. You may have received them in spring of 2020, from your new virtual class teacher this fall, or your child might know their information already if they are grade 4 and up.

You can check to see if you belong to a Google Classroom even without a class code. If you do have a Class Code, you’ll see a spot to enter it.

1. Open Google Chrome and log in as your child.

- In the top right-hand corner, click Add.

- Give them a name and icon.

- Click Add.

- Select Already a Chrome user? Sign in.

- Sign in as your child.

2. Enter their email address and then their password.

3. Go to the waffle and select Classroom.

4. If your teacher has already added your child to the classroom, their classroom is listed. You can click through and enter it.

5. If your teacher has sent you a class code, you can enter it and join the class.

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